Heat Exhaustion

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Very high temperature.
Hot, dry, red skin. No sweating.
Deep breathing and a fast pulse followed by shallow breathing and a weak pulse.
Confusion and hallucinations.
Loss of consciousness.

First Aid

Call 911.
Move the person to a cool place indoors or under a shady tree.
Remove clothing. Fan the person.
Don’t give fever reducing medicine.
Don’t use rubbing alcohol.

Heat Exhaustion


Normal, low or only slightly elevated body temperature.
Cool, clammy, pale skin. Sweating.
Dry mouth. Thirst.
Fatigue. Weakness. Feeling dizzy.
Nausea. Vomiting can occur.
Muscle cramps.

First Aid

Move to a cool place indoors or in the shade.
Loosen clothing.
Drink fluids, such as cool or cold water. Drink sport drinks, such as Gatorade.


Drink lots of liquids, water, sport drinks, such as Gatorade.
Do not stay in or leave anyone in a closed, parked car during hot weather.
Keep your body hydrated by drinking 8 ounces of cool water every 15 to 20 minutes.
Limit your drinks with alcohol or caffeine.
Use caution when you are in the sun. At the first sign of heat exhaustion, get out of the sun.
Perform the most stressful job in the cooler part of the day, if possible.
Wear light, loose-fitting clothing, such as cotton, so sweat can evaporate.
Wear a wide-brimmed hat with vents.
Use an umbrella for shade.
If you feel hot, try to cool off. Open a window, use a fan or go to an air-conditioned place.

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